SUBJECT: 33001a
x0000 || A tremendous energy bubbles.
x0001 || The energy is encapsulated, a fine membrane separating the energy and the stillness.
x0002 || The energy side of things will henceforth be called "inside".
x0003 || The stillness will be henceforth referred to as "outside".
x0004 || At the top, the membrane is different, energetically porous or, at least, potentially so.
x0005 || Everything inside and the membrane itself, despite the interior excitement is quite motionless.
x0006 || The membrane, at the top, meets another, connected to a vein.
x0007 || The vein is also externally still, running from the top to a large box that is also motionless.
x0008 || On the other side there is a vein that runs to a block.
x0009 || The block is also still.
x000a || The membrane is tethered to the block.
x000b || CLICK
x000c || An external energy changes something on the box.
x000d || All continues motionlessly.
x000e || [StateStable NoReport]
x000f || [StateStable NoReport]
x0010 || [StateStable NoReport]
x0011 || The ghost is disturbed by a sudden flow from the vein, pulling the ghost out into the vein.
x0012 || A portion of the ghost is displaced before a purpose can be detected.
x0013 || The ghost hits a terminal in the vein, exciting its contents.
x0014 || The ghost is much less excited than the residents of this terminal, that move out at a speed unheard.
x0015 || The residents pierce the block, their energy exciting the body.
x0016 || The block's body is more stoic than the terminal residents, but, the residents are so forceful, that they push their way through the block body.
x0017 || The block begins to part away from itself, its own ghost forcing the body out in every direction.
x0018 || Nothing is still now.
x0019 || The membrane is displaced by invisible energies emitted from the erupting body.
x001a || The membrane is not stronger than these energies.
x001b || Even as the ghost is returned in some measure, the membrane is pried apart, the interior being exposed to the exterior.